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Six Degrees of Walter Kwok


Walter Kwok Ping-sheung 郭炳湘

Raymond Kwok Ping-luen

SHKP's Lesser Known Connection to Hang Lung

Thomas Kwok Ping-kong (郭炳江)'s wife Ingrid Leung Kit-kan (梁潔芹) is a powerful figure within the complex as the head of the construction department of SHKP. Ingrid is the daughter of Leung Sek-kwan, a CPA and former chairman of Wing Lee Wo. Her fourth sister Davina Leung Kwok-kan (梁幗芹), the former chief project manager of the Architectural Services Department who was married in December 1978 to her University of Manchester classmate Nelson Yuen Wai-leung (袁偉良) longtime Hang Lung Properties director and CFO and son of Yuen Tui, proprietor of Fook Cheung Jewelry. The Kwoks are also related to Hang Lung's Chan family through the Shanghainese connections.

The Kwongs

The power of the old Mrs. Kwok - Kwong Siu-hing (鄺肖卿) is reiterated after the recent fallout episode where she emerged as the chair of the group.

The property management arm of SHKP, Hong Yip Services and Kai Shing Management are the personal fiefdom of the old Mrs Kwok's brother Kwong Chun (鄺準), who has been managing it since its inception and grew with the residential empire of SHKP. In recent years Chun has passed the baton to his son Alkin Kwong Ching-wai (鄺正煒), who is now CEO of Hong Yip and was a civil engineer working for the government before joining SHKP.

Walter's first wife as Lydia Koo (顧芝蓉), daughter of Koo Lam-hing (顧林慶), a Shanghainese enamelware and construction businessman who was business partner of Nina Wang's father in law. Lydia was a Stanford graduate who was a senior investment manager at HSBC and director of Hsin Chong.

Walter's current wife Wendy Lee Tin-wing (李天穎) runs the hotel operations of SHKP. She hails from a medical family, most notably her younger brother Daniel Lee who is a well known plastic surgeon. Their grandfather Lee Ying-yau was a contemporary of Sun Yat-sen whose younger brother Lee Ying-chuen (MBBS Edinburgh 1917) was also an early Chinese Western doctor.

Their father Lee Shui luen

Helen Lau Po-chi

Lau Wai-chi is married to Hardy Lok Kung-chin, the son of John Lok Hsiao-pei. Hardy serves on the board of the Society for Protection of Harbor organized by Winston Chu and his cousin Christine Loh. Hardy's brother in law is Wing On chairman Karl Kwok Chi-leung which leads to many connections (See Six Degrees of Wing On) Christine Loh is married to Sunday CEO Roger Ehlich and his mother is a grand-daughter of Swire comprador Mok Kon-sang. (see Six Degrees of Mok)

Lena Lau Wai-chi is married to Steven Chan Kwing-kwong, the grandson of Chan Lan-fong, the king of fireworks and proprietor of Kwong Man Lung Fireworks. Lena and Steven's daughter Alanna (陈嘉泰) is married to Oscar Chow Vee-Tsung (周维正), the only son and heir apparent of Chevalier Group chairman and TVB director Chow Yei-ching. Yei-ching and his Japanese wife Michiko is father of Wailee JP (周蕙禮architect whose WDA Group design many of the Chevalier projects; chairs the Fringe Club and sits on HK Tourism Board and HK Ballet), Lily (who runs Chevalier iTech) and Violet (周蕙蕙 who is married to TVB actor Carlo Ng 吳家樂)

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Six Degrees of Regina Ip

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee (葉劉淑儀 1950.8.24-) , Legco Councilor and former Secretary for Security is. Her own family background is a plus for her career but her husband's families squabble is more a liability although it is through the feuding Ip family where her connections spread to old families and government officials.

The Feuding Ip Family

Ip Ching-ping

Wong Miu-shim was an astute businesswoman who took over Ching Hing after her husband's stroke and involved in many businesses, including restaurants with police sergeants.

Henry Ip Man-shan (-1988)

His first wife was Cecilia Chan Kit-lai, the eldest granddaughter of Chan Wai-chow, a former feng shui master whose wealth derived from his appointment as saltmaster of Kwangtung when his younger brother Chen Chi-tang was the ruler of Kwangtung (nicknamed the "Southern King").

Cecilia's uncle Chan Shu-kai is married to Angela Gockchin (daughter of Wing On founder Philip Gockchin) which spread out into many connections to be covered in the Six Degrees of Wing On and Sincere. Seaker Chan Shu-kui

Anita Chan Lai-ling

Anson Chan 陳燿璋

Arnold Ip Tin-chee (1963-)

Stanley Ho Sau-nam

Loretta Ip Man-lui was married to Li Wang, the brother of Dr. Franklin Li Wang-pong, the first plastic surgeon in Hong Kong famous for operating on movie stars including DoDo Cheng. Franklin is the son of Li Ping-kuen, the proprietor of China Dispensary which was famous for its Pinocine cough remedy (the Pinocine building in Central is named after that) and Dermoline cream. Li Ping-kuen in turn is the youngest son of Li Po-kwai JP, the grand old man of Hong Kong and part of the Li Sing family.

Sammy Ip Man-ho (1935-1997)

Roseanna Ip Man-sum

Maimie Ip Nan-mei - reside overseas.

Marion Ip Man-hoi

Henrietta Ip Man-hing (1947.12.7-) - Single. Psychiatrist and former Legco Councillor.

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Six Degrees of Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho

His wives:

Wife No 1 Clementina Leitao (黎婉華) is extremely critical to Stanley in the because through her Stanley became a Portugese citizen and that was his main value add for the syndicate which bid for the casino license (Yip Hon had the know-how and Henry Fok provided the money) The Leitao family is well established in Macau and Clementina's grandfather António Nascimento Leitão (黎登) was a well known lawyer. Her niece is the TVB personality Maria Luisa Leitao (黎芷珊 1966-)

Her children are:

Angela Chiu-yin = Peter Kjaer - Danish. He ran Ho Gallery with his art lover wife, then Jet Asia and (closed down) and also helped open casino in Pyongyang in 1999.

Wife No 2 藍瓊纓 is the mother of Lawrence, Pansy, Josie
Eddie Laam Wah-ying (藍鏵纓), MD of Lisboa Holdings, chairman of Macau Olympics Committee and East Asia Games.

Pansy was married to Julian Hui, son of Hui Sai-fun.

Wife No 4 Angela Leong On-kei's original name was Huen and his brother Vincent Huen Wai-kei (禤偉旗) is senior treasurer of STDM.

Ronald Ho

Eric Hotung

Andrew Tse

Bruce Lee

Eunice Lam

Six Degrees of Li Ka Shing

Victor Li Tzar-kuoi (李澤鉅 1964-)
Richard Li Tzar-kai (李澤楷 1966-)


The Chongs
One would argue Superman Li might not have taken off without his wife and cousin Amy Chong Yuet-ming (1932-1990.1.1) and his uncle and father in law Chong Ching Um (莊静庵 1908-1995.10.13). The founder of Chung Nam Watch in 1935, Ching Um was a grand doyen in the watch and Chiu Chow business community which gave the young Li a lot of credibility with bankers and customers in his startup days. Yuet-ming being the HKU educated

Although only Kam Hing-lam works for Li, the Chongs are extremely close to the Lis, especially Victor and Richard who were very close to their mother.

Ching Um and his two wives, Yau Bick-Wan and Wong Wai-kwan (莊黃惠君, Richard Li donated $12 million to name the plaza at St Paul Co-Ed Primary School in her honor) have 3 sons and 3 other daughters:

Chong Hok-shan (莊學山): BS McGill, MBA Columbia. Eldest son and chairman of Chung Nam. Current chairman of Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce and served as chairman of Federation of HK Watch Trade & Industries in the 1980s.

Bob Chong Hok-hoi (莊學海): Managing director of Chung Nam and chairman of HK Watch Manufacturers Association. Involved with TDC and Community Chest and nominated Li's nephew Sunny Chai for Young Industrialist Award in 2004. Serves on MPF Advisory board.

Charles Chong Hok-hei (莊學熹): deputy managing director of Chung Nam and runs ISA Watch, a Swiss quartz movement manufacturer they acquired.

Betty Chong Yuet-wah (莊月華) who is married to Peter Lam How-mun (see below)

Chong Yuet-ching (莊月清) who is married to Kam Hing-lam (甘慶林 1946-). Kam was a former manager at Johnson & Johnson who joined Hutchison as executive director in 1993 to help his brother in law running CK Infrastructure and CK Life Science. The Kam family is a Nam Pak Hong trading family and Hing-lam's sister is married to the brother of Lee Jark-pui SBS OBE JP (李澤培) a banker associated with the HK Chinese Bank (Lippo Group) who is active in civic services as chairman of the Social Services Council (83-85), Agency for Volunteer Service, Legco Councilor and many boards (Hospital Authority etc).

Catherine Chong Yuet-ngai (莊月霓): Single. HKU LLB 1973 PCLL 1974. Senior partner at the law firm Wilkinson & Grist (founded 1860). Committee member of groups which his brother and brother in law chairs.

The Lams

Extension from the Chongs are the Lams, which although might not be in the same league in terms of wealth but certainly not less in terms of influence and achievements. It is through the Lams that LKS would be connected to everyone else discussed in HK Six Degrees.

LKS' brother in law is Peter Lam How-mun (林孝文1947-), grandson of Lam Pong-cheung (林邦祥 1894-1964.2.17) who came from Chiu On (same part of Chiuchow LKS is from) and was an early leader of Nam Pak Hong and the Chiuchow business community. Although Peter was trained as a doctor (HKU MBBS 1972) like his brothers, he went into business by founding Qualipak, a watch packaging manufacturer which is periphery to his in law's business. In recent years, he aligned himself with Cheung Chung-kiu, "the Li Ka-shing of Chongqing" by selling gis firm to the latter and renamed CC Land (中渝置地) where he continues to serve as vice chairman. His siblings are:

Ignatius Lam How-mo (林孝武): HKU MBBS 1975. Internal medicine. Practice in Tak Shing Building. Both him and his sister in law Betty Chong were supporters of Regina Ip's campaign.

James Lam How-kit (林孝傑): Obstetrician. Practice in Melbourne Plaza. He is married to the daughter of low profile real estate billionaire Yeung Yiu-chung (楊耀松 1920-2003, 9 industrial buildings are named after him). Yeung's niece was married to Ronald Ho Yau-ho, a nephew of Stanley Ho which open up a wide range of connections to be covered in "Six Degrees of Stanley Ho"

Monica Lam Sin-ling : Stanford computer science professor since 1988 and is one of the top 50 most cited computer science researchers in the world. She is involved in startups such as Tensilica and moka5.


Peter's uncle Lam Bun-din (林本典1918-) - like Chong Ching Um, was another doyen of the Chiu Chow business community as a long time director of the Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce, co founder of the HK Real Estate Developers Association and was active in gold and securities dealing in the 1970s and early 1980s. He and his wife Chan Po-shun (陳寶璇 daughter of Chan Ngai-chuen 陳藝川) have children:

Lam Sin-yee (林倩儀) - eldest daughter married on 1965.7.17 in Boston to Chan Yau-yu (陳有瑜), the fourth son of Chan Wing-yum (陳永欽), a fellow director of Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce of his father. Wing-yum is the eldest son of Chan Ping-nam (陳炳南 1891-1975.4.30), the founder of Chan Man Cheong Bank (陳萬昌銀號) in Sheung-wan in 1921 and one of the last three traditional Chinese banks licensed with the HK government. Ping-nam's second son Wing-tung (陳永桐) is married to Lam Man-lan (林文蘭), the daughter of Lin Kuo-chang (林國長 d.1977) a prominent Thai Chinese businessmen with substantial business interests in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In Taiwan, he was most famous for his Mandarina Crown Hotel (中泰賓館, originally known as the Mandarin Hotel) which was in business for four decades before its closure in 2005. He was also involved in the Chiao Thai Shing Flour Mill and China Sports & Cultural Centre. In Hong Kong he was the founder and chairman of Kowloon Flour Mills, one of the big three flour mills in the territory (other being Hongkong Flour founded by the Sun family and Far East Flour controlled by Deacon Chiu) which he started with fellow Thai Chinese businessman Chin Sophonpanich (father of Robin Chan). Lin's sons and grandchildren has been engaging in multiple feuds over his estate since his death three decades ago. Chan Ping-nam's grand daughter Chan Yau-ling is married to Chen Hsuan-you, the son of Chen Ling-chong, the managing director of Chekiang First Bank and brother of private banker Frank Chen Ching-you (陳睛佑)

Dennis Lam Haw-shun J.P. (林孝信) BSEE U. Washington MBA UCLA. 30 years securities market veteran who was first vice chairman of the Stock Exchange and serves as senior adviser at Mizuho Securities and board member of China Travel, Qin Jia Yuan (Anita Leung's publishing vehicle) and Asia Financial (controlled by fellow Chiuchow banker the Chan/Sophonpanich family)

Judy Tsui Lam Sin Lai (徐林倩麗 1955-): accounting professor and Dean of Faculty of Business of HK PolyU. First Accounting PhD in HK and also Cheung Kong Chair Professor from Ministry of Education (Li connection) Serves on the board of CLP and China Vanke. Married to Andrew Tsui Pui-yan (徐佩恩 1952- CPA), chairman of Korn Ferry's Southern China operations and top headhunter thanks to his extensive family connections. Andrew and his brother John Tsui Pui-lun(1946- famous student leader) are sons of Paul Tsui Ka-cheung, the first Chinese cadet and highest ranking Chinese official in the 1960s (and mentor to most of the senior officials who are in power right now) and grandsons of Peter Tsui Yan-sau, the founder of Wah Yan College which counts Donald Tsang among its notable alumni. Andrew's maternal grandfather Lin Yin-hung 练演雄 was a Republican era general in Kwangtung who fought alongside Hung Le (uncle of Mrs. Pong Ding-yuen)

Bernardine Lam Sin-yu: HKU LLB 1982 PCLL 1983. Group general counsel for Hutchison Whampoa (Li Ka-shing is her cousin's brother in law)

The Wangs/Wongs

Victor's wife Cynthia Wong Fu-shun (王富信) hails from an old money Chiuchow family with long history in the lapiedery business in Swatow under the name of Tak-cheung. Her father Wong Wah-sui's older brother James Wang Wah-cheung (1921-) was nicknamed "Crazy Six" and was thrown into labor camps with my maternal grandfather during the purges of the early 1950s. Like my grandpa he was able to escape to Hong Kong where his wife Beatrice Chen Ping-chun (who was the really astute businesswoman) established Sterling Products in 1955, which specialized in the lucrative niche of children's clothing and turned into a powerhouse via its alliance with Mamiye Brothers, a leading American children's apparel firm. They have two sons: Kenneth Wang Kuk-kei MBE (1947-)who is a doctor by training at Guy's Hospital in the UK but was called to help out the family business and Calvin Wang Kuk-seng (王克承) who has been a dentist since 1971. Kenneth is perhaps best known among DBS old boys as former DSOBA president and served on a number of garment industry groups and chairman of Clothing Industry Training Authority and his daughter Janice managed sister company Alvanon, a maker of precision mannequin:

Richard have a son Ethan in 2009 with Cantopop actress and singer Isabelle Leong (梁洛施 1988- Original name: Luisa Isabella Nolasco da Silva 梁樂瑤). Isabella is a descendant of the prominent Nolasco family (殷理基) in Macau most famous for H. Nolasco & Co which was founded in 1920 and now controlled by the family of former Macau Legco chair Susanna Chou (曹其真).

The Chais

Li's sister Li So-wah (李素華) and her late husband Chai Man-chung (查文宗) worked for him in the plastic business but struck out on their own in 1963 and assisted by their sons John Chai Yat-chiu (查逸超 BBS HKU 1986 MS Northwestern JD Loyola, director of Science Park and Northwestern dentistry professor) and Sunny Chai Ngai-chiu (查毅超 B.S. Rochester 1988) built their Fook Tin Technologies into the world's largest scale manufacturer acquiring leading European brands such as Terraillon, Scaime and Hanson in 2000-02.

Six Degrees of Nina Wang

Nina Wang - the late controversial real estate tycoon who was wealthier than the Queen of England - remains on the headline everyday three years after her death as the fight for her estate drags on.

Oswald Cheung

Donald Quintin Cheung

Mark Quintin Cheung

Clare Hsu

KL Hsu

Six Degrees of Donald Tsang

HK Six Degrees essentially is "Who's Related to Whom" in Hong Kong and the global Chinese community beyond, starting with Six Degrees of Chief Executive Donald Tsang in an attempt to build the largest family tree of prominent Chinese in recent history.

Periodically the blogger will release a chapter which and each chapter will also be updated as more information are uncovered

Over the years the blogger has amassed a large collection of obituaries, family trees, gravestone notes with a keen interest on the linkages between personalities. Some of the relationships described are well documented and many of them lesser known. Inspired by books such as investigative journalist Chen Rou-chin’s All the President’s Relatives (which has connected virtually everyone important in Taiwan politics and business prior to the Chen Shui-bian administration), Peter Hall's "In the Web" (which did the same for the Eurasian community in HK) and many others genealogical studies in the West, "HK Six Degrees" hopes to dissect power and money in HK past and present.

If you are interested to find whether yourself is connected or if there is any error, feel free to contact the blogger at

Donald Tsang Yam-kuen() – the ultimate Hong Kong rags to riches story - from pharmaceutical salesman with no undergraduate education to Chief Executive. While his success is without a doubt a product of political savvy and hardwork, certain critical family connections helped catapult the once also-ran (jokingly referred to as Chief Janitorial Officer during SARS) to ultimate political winner.

In 2004, Donald made a high profile visit to the mainland Tsang Zhi. Recently I have found a family tree posted on Familypedia which traced his roots all the way back to Emperor Yu, the founder of the Xia dynasty and tamer of the Yellow River.

Donald’s father Tsang Wan might have been only a police sergeant but his connection is critical . One of the few police sergeants from that era who was not implicated in any corruption charges, Tsang Wan was the subordinate and good friend of John Tsang Chiu-fo, the highest ranking Chinese officer in the police force in 1962 when he was deported as a high level spy for the Chinese Communists. John Tsang became a professor in Guangzhou but was also a senior adviser to the Chinese leaders on Hong Kong affairs. It is widely believed that John Tsang who gave the Beijing leaders a seal of background approval for Donald.
While a number of his siblings have immigrated to Canada and far from the business/politics scene, two play prominent roles. His younger brother Tsang Yam-pui 曾蔭培 is well known as the former Police Commissioner and currently works for the New World Group. The most prominent corporate connection however is their only sister Katherine Tsang King-suen. A lifelong Standard Chartered staffer, Katherine rose to become head of human resources at the bank but when his brother became CE, she was made China CEO, a timely appointment.
The Macau Connection
Selina Pau Siu-mei (鲍笑薇) the First Lady of Hong Kong, is the youngest daughter of Pau Iun-hei (鮑元羲 d 2002) and Lo Sui-chun (羅瑞珍 1906-2006) who first made his fortune as the Macanese distributor of Green Spot soft drinks and later as proprietor of Iun Kee Bakery (元記餅家), one of the big three bakeries in Macau. Her only brother Pau Ma-chong (鮑馬壯 1927-) is famous in the sports circle in Macau as former chairman of the Football Association, Amateur Volleyball Association and Basketball Association and member of Macau's Olympic Committee. While Ma-chong is not as important as the "Ho Ma Chui" families (family of outgoing CE Edmund Ho, Ma Man-kei and incoming CE Fernando Chui) in Macau, he is a force to be reckon with since he maintained close ties with the mainland through sports since 1977 and was involved in the formation of the Macau SAR government. This earns extra brownie points for Tsang from the Beijing leadership. A further enhancement of Tsang's Macanese link was made when he appointed Rafael Hui Si-yan as Chief Secretary. Hui is the maternal grandson of Jose ChoiSelina's sisters are Pau Siu-sai (鮑笑茜) and Pau Siu-wan (鮑笑環) but there is no business/political connections of note.

The Heung's Connection to Modern Chinese History

Tsang's connection to Chinese leaders came from his cousin Daniel Heung Cheuk-kei SBS JP. The eldest son of Kuomintang Southern general Heung Honping and Donald's aunt Tsang So-ling and it is through Daniel's marriage to Mailys Li, the granddaughter of Li Tsung-jen, the last Nationalist president in the mainland and leader of the Kwangsi faction who became a Communist sympathizer in his final years, which connects Donald to virtually all the key figures in modern Chinese history. Mailys’ sister Leslie Li is an author who wrote a memoir/cookbook about his grandmother Li Souwen. A highly political union was made between Chiang Kai-shek and Li where Chiang’s niece Hua-hsiu (since Chiang did not have a daughter her position was special) to Li’s nephew Wei Hua-cheng. Chiang of course was the brother in law of Sun Yat-sen, HH Kung and TV Soong and his grand-daughter Amy Hsiao-chang (蔣孝章 1936-) is married to Yu Yang-ho 俞揚和, the son of Defense Minister Yu Tai-wei (俞大維) whose cousin was once married to Jiang Qing (Madam Mao Tse-tung) and their grandmother was the daughter of the prominent Ching official Tseng Kuo-fan (whose distant grand niece was married to Communist marshal Yeh Chian-ying) - All the abovementioned characters have Hong Kong relatives which will be covered in other chapters. General Heung had four concubines and over a dozen children and Tsang So-fan as his fourth concubine also gave birth to Wudy CW Heung who was a US trained attorney who lost everything in real estate speculation and Heung Cheuk-ying, a banking executive. Under his cousin's administration, Daniel Heung, a MIT educated architect was appointed chairman of the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, but resigned in disgrace when it was uncovered that he was squatting on government land. One cannot underestimate how Daniel's connections in the mainland have helped Donald. The first province in China Donald chose to visit when he became CE was Guangxi, where Daniel is a Consultative Committee member thanks to his own and his grandfather in law (as leader of the Kwangsi faction during the Republican era) connections.

The Fabulous Chan Sisters
Donald’s eldest son Simon Tsang Hing-yin (曾慶衍 1976- MBBS Bristol 1999) is married to his colleague Vivian Mok Way-kay (莫蔚淇 MBBS HKU 2001). In 2005, Mok was briefly the centre of controversy when Donald invited one of her examiners to a banquet before her College of Surgeons exam. Her father Mok Kam-chuen is a contractor with sizeable fortune and her mother is the sister of Dr. Tse Tak-fu (謝德富 HKU MBBS 1968), who as the city’s top cardiologist who counts LKS, Lee Shau kee, Louis Cha and Allen Li among his patients and operator of Vita Green nutraceutical franchise with his pediatrician wife Dr. Helen Chan Hei-ling (陳曦齡 HKU MBBS 1974) has been ranked the highest paid doctor in town. Simon Tsang has to follow his wife to call Tse tak-fu uncle and Donald did not hide this relationship by making a high profile presence at Tak-foo's son Tse Tin-shing's wedding in 2007. Similar to her niece Mok Way-kay, Helen Chan has been scrutinized by the medical community and was reprimanded by the Medical Council for promoting her Vita Green products as a medical doctor a few years back.

Chan’s youngest sister is Agnes Chan Mei-ling (陳美齡 1955.8.20-) the famous singer in Hong Kong and Japan who actually earned a PhD in education from Stanford and is also UNICEF Ambassador for Japan. She married her manager Kaneko (金子力)

Her oldest sister Irene Chan Yi-ling (陳依齡) was a former Shaw Studio actress and is married to John Chu Ka-yan (朱家欣), the founder and CEO of Centro Digital Pictures, Asia's leading animation and special effects studio (Storm Rider, Kung Fu Hustle, Kill Bill). Chu’s father Chu Yu-hwa (朱旭華) was the founder of the Yung Hwa Motion Picture and Cathay Film companies and head of promotions for the Shaw Studio and his brother is the late advertising wizard Michael Chu Ka-ding (朱家鼎1954-2007), who was married to screen goddess Cherie Chung Chor-hung (鍾楚紅 1960.2.16-) Mike Chu has won over 200 advertising awards in his career and his Synergie advertising agency was a leading firm in the 1980s before being sold to Ball Partnership in 1988.
Helen actually co-founded Vita Green in 1991 with her younger brother Abraham Chan Yu-ling (陳宇齡 B.S. Toronto) but he eventually split off to start Purapharm Group and achieved similar success. Abraham served as director of Tung Wah and Lok Sin Tong and is also a part time adviser to the Central Policy Unit on TCM and non-executive director of shoe retailing giant Belle. Through his marriage to Viola Man Yee-wai (文綺慧 3rd Vice chairman of Tung Wah), one of the seven daughters of Dexter Man Hung-cho (文洪磋 1916.1.4-), the family connection extended to a number of old Hong Kong families. HKU alumni would know Dexter who is a fixture at the HKU Alumni Association whose club venue he purchased back in the 1970s where he often be seen dining with classmates such as the late Sir Oswald Cheung. Man is a direct descendant of the famous Soong dynasty patriot Man Tin-cheung and made his fortune in construction and toy manufacturing (Chung Mei Industries). Two of his daughters are also active with HKU alumni affairs: Irene Man Yee-ching who was a leading advertising executive turned travel columnist and had served as president of HKUAA and Dr. Evelyn Man Yee-fun (文綺芬 BA 1971) who is associate professor at CUHK and ran the Toronto chapter of HKUAA. Man Yee-shan married Yu Kai-fan (1950- Wisconsin MBA), former chairman of Lok Sin Tong and eldest son of Yu Kam-ming (1917.2.20-1992.10.2) publisher and chairman of Yen Yen Bookstore.
Dexter's only son Sebastian Man Shiu-wai () graduated from HBS and took over as CEO of Chung Mei and is married to Christina Chan Miu-lan (陳妙蘭), the daughter of Chan Pak-keung, architect and son of taxicab magnate, Vitasoy cofounder, South China Athletic Association chairman and philanthropist Chan Nam-chong (陳南昌 1909-1970.8.10). Chan Pak-keung and his wife Wong Yuk-yee (who was god-daughter of Mrs. Ellen Li, the first female Legco councilor) has 5 daughters, 2 of whom Christina and Sheila (married to architect William To) has served as Tung Wah directors.

Donald's second son 曾慶淳 is a Cambridge graduate working for Oracle and is currently dating Winnie Chiu 邱詠筠, daughter of David Chiu Tat-cheong and granddaughter of controversial tycoon former ATV boss Deacon Chiu (邱德根). Deacon Chiu's eldest son Dick Chiu Tat-sang was married to the daughter of Dr. Hans Tang and actress Nancy Chan Wun-seung. Tang's son Sherman runs the Epicurean Group which owns the Peak's Lookout and other restaurants. Deacon's youngest son Duncan is married in 2004 to So Kin-yan 蘇健恩, daughter of So Kim-tai 蘇金泰 the founder of Cheong Kee Special Food Product, the king of fishballs which had 42% market share before shutting down in 2008.
Coming Soon:
Six Degrees of Tung Chee-hwa
Six Degrees of Andrew Li
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Six Degrees of Regina Ip
Six Degrees of Anson Chan
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