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Six Degrees of Regina Ip

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee (葉劉淑儀 1950.8.24-) , Legco Councilor and former Secretary for Security is. Her own family background is a plus for her career but her husband's families squabble is more a liability although it is through the feuding Ip family where her connections spread to old families and government officials.

The Feuding Ip Family

Ip Ching-ping

Wong Miu-shim was an astute businesswoman who took over Ching Hing after her husband's stroke and involved in many businesses, including restaurants with police sergeants.

Henry Ip Man-shan (-1988)

His first wife was Cecilia Chan Kit-lai, the eldest granddaughter of Chan Wai-chow, a former feng shui master whose wealth derived from his appointment as saltmaster of Kwangtung when his younger brother Chen Chi-tang was the ruler of Kwangtung (nicknamed the "Southern King").

Cecilia's uncle Chan Shu-kai is married to Angela Gockchin (daughter of Wing On founder Philip Gockchin) which spread out into many connections to be covered in the Six Degrees of Wing On and Sincere. Seaker Chan Shu-kui

Anita Chan Lai-ling

Anson Chan 陳燿璋

Arnold Ip Tin-chee (1963-)

Stanley Ho Sau-nam

Loretta Ip Man-lui was married to Li Wang, the brother of Dr. Franklin Li Wang-pong, the first plastic surgeon in Hong Kong famous for operating on movie stars including DoDo Cheng. Franklin is the son of Li Ping-kuen, the proprietor of China Dispensary which was famous for its Pinocine cough remedy (the Pinocine building in Central is named after that) and Dermoline cream. Li Ping-kuen in turn is the youngest son of Li Po-kwai JP, the grand old man of Hong Kong and part of the Li Sing family.

Sammy Ip Man-ho (1935-1997)

Roseanna Ip Man-sum

Maimie Ip Nan-mei - reside overseas.

Marion Ip Man-hoi

Henrietta Ip Man-hing (1947.12.7-) - Single. Psychiatrist and former Legco Councillor.

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